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Anti-Tack prevents sticking and smearing, allowing for easy transfer of metallic foil onto surfaces or prints. It is guaranteed to keep prints clean and consistent, leaving no mess behind.


  • Avoids adherence of foil transfer on certain areas of prints


Material Compatibility

  • On top of prints
  • On substrate areas


  1. Option [1] Wipe on desired areas
  2. Option [2] Screen print
  • Create a stencil on certain areas of the prints to avoid adherence of foil transference.

Recommended Curing Parameters

  • Heat gun to dry applied areas

Clean Up

Wash materials used with soap and water. Observe all local regulations when disposing of this substance.

Storage and Handling

Store tightly covered at temperatures between 10ºC – 30ºC (50ºF – 86ºF) and a relative humidity between that of 25% to 70%. Keep away from direct sunlight or high temperatures.

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